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"...And To All A Good Night!" 


A number of studies have shown that sleep-disturbance problems have been on the rise in the past decade.  Job stress...home stress...internal stress....it all adds up!  Northern Scentsations' linen sprays are designed to help you relax and enjoy a night's sleep.

Our all-natural linen sprays are just the thing to freshen your sheets and soothe you to sleep.  Each linen spray comes in a 4-oz bottle and, unless otherwise stated, contains essential oils -- no synthetics. 

Price:  $4.50

Fresh Linen - Ahhh!  the bliss of freshly laundered linens brought in straight from the clothesline!  Our linen-friendly fragrance oil blend will give you the illusion that you toiled outside all day hanging and bringing down the laundry.

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Lavender - noted for its soothing and restful properties, our all-natural linen-friendly blend is sure to give you the beauty rest you deserve!

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Sage and Citrus - unisex blend is exotic and fresh; always a hit with customers

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Summer Citrus - a beautiful blend of citrus essential oils designed to freshen the linen and lure you into a restful slumber.  Popular year-round

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Summer Majick - a hit during those long, sultry summer months!  Linen-safe peach and jasmine fragrances combine to make a subtle, yet sweet, scent

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