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MaryGold Spa Products


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Our incredible spa products allow your customers to pamper themselves at home.  Our MaryGold Spa products come scented with our MaryGold fragrance blend - unique, light and feminine. 

MaryGold Spa Soap - 3.5-4-ounces of moisturizing glycerin soap enhanced with skin-loving oils, calendula and our beautiful MaryGold fragrance.  Your shipment will include a variety of popular molds from which your customers may choose. Price:  $2.00 each (suggested retail, $3.50-4.00, depending on your region)

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MaryGold Body Polish - Shower scrubs are all the rage once again, and your customers can indulge in that luxury at a fraction of the price they pay in the chain stores, but without the chemicals!  Our sea salt scrub is combined with luxurious oils such as olive, sunflower and jojoba, with added vitamin E and soothing calendula.  No additional lotions needed after use!  Price:  $7.00 for 20-ounces of scrub (suggested retail $15.00 or more, depending on your region)

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MaryGold Body Spray - What an incredible finale to a spa-style treatment.  Our MaryGold Body spray allows the fragrance of our product to linger as a personal scent.  Price: 4-ounce bottle $2.80 (suggested retail $4.50-5.50, depending on your region)

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