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Welcome To Northern Scentsations' Wholesale Pages
Why Choose Northern Scentsations?


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Why Choose Northern Scentsations?  The Reason Is Obvious...

Personal Luxury Items Are Hot

Plain and simple:  our products move.  Personal luxury items under $20 are always in demand.  And to sweeten the deal, Northern Scentsations' products are non-durable your customers will return for more when the product is gone!

Professional Artisans

Handcrafted soap has become a trendy hobby with novice soapmakers becoming full-fledged "companies" with websites after a few short months of practice. Frighteningly enough, many times the products are not properly produced and contain non-skin-safe ingredients; also, uncured, lye-heavy soap is common.  Northern Scentsations was officially begun after several years of research and development, with no products being presented to the public for sale until its primary artisan was satified with its outcome.

While we might take phone calls in the residence part of our home, all of Northern Scentsations' products are created in a professional studio away from the food and mess of every day living.  Granted, other cottage industries thrive on attempting to present a "down home" atmosphere by advertising their products as being created in "the same kitchen we feed our family in (sic)" -- we've seen the state of our own and others' kitchens from time to time.  It's not the professional image we wish to maintain.

Innovative Products

While most cottage personal-care industries focus on the creation of soap products, Northern Scentsations reaches further.  We have found our niche in creating products that focus on dry skin therapy as well as spa-style treatments.  While soap might be an attention-grabber for customers, we have found that skin products aimed for moisturizing, such as lotions, Triple Mint Foot Salve and Skin Therapy Bars will go home with clients ten times more often than bars of soap.

Low Minimums

Across the board, the primary complaint we've heard from wholesale customers is that the minimums from other companies are above the normal cost-load for small businesses.  Being that we are a small business ourselves, we can completely understand.  Northern Scentsations' minimum is a low $50.00, with all orders over $150 shipped free of charge.  We also offer consultations for selections that will be of interest to the focus group of your business or region.