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Leesa's Saddle Fitting

Leave a message below if you'd like to contribute to this.  I don't want to clog Ridecamp with my horse and her saddle ;-)

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Is it me...or is this saddle too long for her?

Hi! Welcome (and thanks in advance) to Leesa's preliminary saddle fitting!  I figure this would be an easier way than attempting to describe this horse!


A little background:  Leesa was purchased at a farm dispersal auction in 1999 for $600.  She was 3 1/2 years old.  Over 300 Arabians were sold in 2 days and she was a middle-of-the-road price.  We were lucky she haltered and led when we got her.  And, with having a baby and a husband in the military, her training was put on hold until this fall --- 3 years later!


She stands 15.1 and is very wide across the barrel and back.  From the top of her withers to her hip area she is 19-20 inches long.


The saddle I am searching for:  As you can see, I have put this Aussie saddle on her.  She wore it once.  It is definitely too long, and I readily admit that.  What I am looking for is something that gives me the locked in security of this saddle, yet fits this horse.  Why the locked in security?  I'll be honest --- When we first attempted to start Leesa 2 years ago she nearly killed me.  She is extremely spooky and flighty at this point.  I became a bit afraid of her and it wasn't until a fearless 18-year-old came to work for me this fall that I began to feel comfortable with her again.  Thus, the need for this type of saddle.


Quite frankly I am stumped!! 


This is what I want:  an Aussie-type saddle (no horn) that will lock me into this horse, one that is comfortable for extended distance riding, of course, it must fit but that's a given!  And I do prefer English irons and leathers.  For me, the western stirrups are too bulky and cumbersome.


Who can help me?  I need to fit this mare soon.  Please feel free to discuss here or email me.  I'm single-parenting it while my husband is off doing his military thing, so it may take me a bit to get back to people since I'm wrangling a 2 year old, 5 horses and my business by myself.  Thanks!  Mary Golden